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Those multi-pack undershirts. Meh.

For years, I just went with it. After all, that’s all there is right? You go to the department store, you head to the undershirt aisle and there are the multi-packs. You just grab and go. Who cares what brand — they are all the same. For years, they came untucked, they bunched in the arm pits. For years, I was uncomfortable.

Then one year, my wife’s aunt brought me a gift from Panama. An undershirt. No, I didn’t react that way. This aunt always delivers. I suspected that this gift would be no ordinary undershirt. I took it into the bathroom to try on so that I could see if I could discover what was going to be special about this undershirt.

As I unwrapped it, I immediately noticed the cotton. It was very soft. It was also a little stretchy. I knew from prior experience that I preferred cotton undergarments. I know that certain other materials can dry more quickly, but they bother me for some reason. I’m not sure what it is about synthetics, but I just am not comfortable in them. This was cotton. A plus.

I put it on. The length was perfect. I’m a little tall in the torso, so most multi-pack undershirts stop right at my belt line — and then they come untucked. This one was longer. It descended a bit below my belt line. I knew what that meant! This won’t come untucked! Another plus.

Next, I realized that it was more form fitting than my multi-pack shirts. The undershirt felt like a cotton second-skin. The soft, stretchy cotton allowed it to reform itself over my arms and torso. It was comfortable. Another plus! A few weeks down the road, I would eventually realize that this second skin aspect of the undershirts wicked away moisture much better than my multi-pack undershirts.

I thanked my wife’s aunt for yet another perfect gift and decided right there that I had to import these from Panama and sell them in America.

And that’s how The Manshirt Store was born!

Darryl Agostinelli
Founder of The Manshirt Store